Live Your Best Life

Make Decisions on Demand in the worst emotional states.



In a world where the only constant in life is change, why are we expected to act like machines? We have desires, Bias Blindspots, and impulses.



Extreme emotions cloud judgement and create tunnel vision. If you could expand disarm them while not dismissing them, would you?



A Map and a Measurement tool to get perspective right now. Instantly see relevance without sacrificing desire. Choose both not one or the other.


The future is completely different than you were led to believe. You don’t have enough  -often, and it seems like an ever-growing mountain to climb. How do you balance wanting more with life’s obligations and actually be happy?


When you have “miscommunications even though you were clear,” and one of you “can’t resist acting that way,” we need to go deep enough to resolve conflict with no words. 

What Can Mindful Money Do For You?

Let’s break it down

Have More Money

With our 7 Mindfulness Principles, you have more “left over” at the end of the month.

Minimize Debt

You started your future in debt. It consumes you. Raise you value and start a future without it.

Be Happier

“There’s no time! Why would you do that when THIS is more important?!” Forget about it.

Trust Your Self

Conflict doesn’t exist. It’s the effect of misunderstood words, expectations, and constructs. 

Live In The Present

What happens when you never focus on the cost of a decision? Yeah, it’s kind of like that.

Improve Yourself

Always take the most effective action without saying no to distraction. Still come out ahead.

Got too much on your plate? That's okay.

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The Philosophy

Change is constant. Clarity depends on our emotional state.
Why are we using systems that make us think more and act less?

You're a Human Being

We operate with certain rules that current systems don’t take into account. Nevermind the fact that everyone’s different. 

You Change With Time

Align ever-changing desires and feelings with your habits so you have get what you want and manage what you need.

You Want More

If you didn’t want, you’d be dead. There’s always a gap between where you want to be. Let’s keep up with it as much as we can.

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