The Mindful Money Manifesto

Mindful Money controls biases at an individual level – satisfying the impulsivity of bias while remaining focused on forward movement and discipline. 

We believe…

that wanting beyonds our means is a natural aspect of being human.

by nature, we limit our wanting unconsciously.

the cause of those limits is the false perception created from bias.

we are susceptible to a number of biases that coerce us into making emotional decisions.

biased decisions create stress in later Moments.

one such bias is scarcity – or the perception of not having enough.

too much stressful decision-making leads to Bandwidth Tax – a reduction in intelligence

Bandwidth Tax creates the conditions for more stress and more biased decisions.

all biases can be controlled and used to our advantage as they become more conscious

certain biases affect everyone, and certain biases only affect certain types of people

in order for anything to get done there must be notably less stress about doing it than that of just doing it.

stress can be reduced by consistency over time.

consistency is much easier by standardizing decision-making. 

standardization reduces bias due to the lack of energy applied to the decision

therefore stress can be reduced exponentially by having an intentional, personalized, and pragmatic practice designed to acknowledge bias, streamline decisions, and adapt to changes.

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