let’s be honest

Perfection is when everything going as anticipated, even if plans change.

We can’t conceive of perfection because we’re told it’s impossible. We make over 100 decisions a day. If we aren’t making the most important decisions, that’s the difference between 38x better and 6x.

Multitasking reduces IQ by 15 points. Focusing on difficult questions another 10. That’s like being blackout drunk. Do you want to be?

In less than 10 minutes, we will demonstrate the difference.


because. We’re human.

That means we change and are consistently evolving. But we’re expected to be consistent.y It also means that we have flaws (that no one talks about). These flaws make us perceive relevant things as irrelevant or irrelevant things as more or less relevant than they are.

These distortions control not only our decision making ability, but our intelligence.

The more we have to think, the dumber we get; science called “Bandwidth Tax.”

This exercise will overcome
“Bandwidth Tax” in less than 5 minutes.



Consider an area you life (work, home a certain project, planning).  Now ask “what does it feel like if _______ works perfectly.?” This answer forms your prompt, which we will use in the tool. “What’s more important to have [answer]?” is the prompt to use.


Make a list of the top 7-9 aspects of that area. Things you have to do, consider, keep track of. Keep them all within the same general intensity.

Ex: Don’t choose something incredibly urgent to compare with something due in months.


Enter the unsorted list into our Decision on Demand™ tool,  be sure to set your prompt, then click “Sort the List” and answer the questions.

It this easier? I suspect so.


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