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Is Real

It is a long established fact that humans have faults. We’re biased creatures.

But to what degree? How much does bias take hold of us and control our decision-making? How soon does it “kick in”?

A lot sooner than you think. In less than 10 minutes, you can see for yourself.

Why does this happen?

because. We’re human.

And being human is okay. That means we change and are consistently evolving. It also means that we have flaws (that no one talks about).

These flaws control not only our decision, but our ability to choose. This results in what’s called “Bandwidth Tax.”

This exercise will demonstrate the effect of
“Bandwidth Tax” in less than 5 minutes.



Make a list of the top 7-9 things that you’ve wanted in your life but don’t have yet.

An easy prompt is “I get overwhelmed when I think about how to prioritize _______


While looking at  whole list, prioritize it from most important to least. 

Set that aside until you’re done with the next step.


Enter the unsorted list into our Prioritizing tool,  follow the prompts, then compare the results. Which is more fulfilling? Which is easier?

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